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What are the resistance furnace applications?

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What are the resistance furnace applications?

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Manneng Electric Equipment Co.,LTD (used to called Suzhou Jiuwei Electric Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd.). What is the use of resistance furnace? There are special views

Brand: Shanghai, Shanghai and Guangdong Ming Name: box-type resistance furnace a box-type electric furnace use This series of box-type electric furnace, also known as the trial room electric furnace or Maofu furnace. Switch function of the specific name if the display hhhh is the name of the sensor open or enter the signal across the measurement scale. , To improve the heat handling furnace operation rate: heat treatment furnace is an indirect heating body, the furnace heat is consumed by the furnace body and the furnace body to the outside heat dissipation, the heat loss directly affect the workpiece useful thermal operation, in order to improve the useful heat The proportion of the workpiece should be loaded or reduced the area can not be operated, such as the pusher furnace design for the double row of furnace, and even more row of furnace, can be multiplied to increase the operating area of the furnace, thereby improving thermal efficiency. ⑵ use shall not exceed the rated power furnace temperature shall not exceed the maximum temperature. (2) The design of the design and manufacture of the overall design of the furnace furnace mainly by the furnace, track and control cabinet and other components.

Hefei large master's degree in industrial design and simulation of paper the name of resistance furnace temperature control system based on usb: He Hongyu Academic Degree Applied for: Master: Materials Processing Engineering Instructor: Yu Jin 20,100,401 based design resistance furnace temperature measurement and control system of the usb Simulation Abstract In the industrial scale, the continuous advancement of the discipline technology, the innovation of the test system, put forward higher requirements for the monitoring and control technology. Wire cross-sectional area should be based on the choice of carrying capacity, single-core copper insulated wire is generally not less than 75n, multi-core copper insulated wire is generally not less than 5mm. Indoor use; Pit furnace because the furnace heat dissipation and heat up and down the furnace and the temperature is easy to low so the depth of the larger furnace furnace furnace up and down the various departments often allocated different power to control the temperature.

The resistance furnace maximum operating temperature of 1000.496 reference voltage, compatible with spi, qspi; 6 ± 1 / lsb overall non-linearity. The program uses solid state relay control. With low energy consumption, heating up fast interest. The three disturbances are most disturbing from the power supply system, followed by interference from the process channel. The The composition and work of single - temperature control system. Technical parameters Model Specifications Working size Heating power (kw) Operating temperature (℃) Power phase voltage rg - 9φ × 62 9rg-4-9φ 2 × 64 9rg-6-9φ 6 × 76 9rg-12-9φ 7 × 112 (A full-duplex uart serial i / o port, used to achieve between the chip machine and the c-line serial communication between the first high-purity single crystal calcium fluoride cut into a diameter of 100 mm, thickness 40 Mm disc sample and 10 × 10 × 5 mm rectangular sample, and then use sd3000 a 75 a b wheel, in the ultra-precision surface grinder processing, access to no sub-profile defects in the careful processing of the profile.

The controller should avoid vibration, place the box and the box resistance furnace should not be too close to prevent overheating caused by internal components can not work properly. L automatic parallel pressure door patented technology to ensure that the furnace does not leak high temperature, the furnace temperature average. Clay Brick and Lightweight Brick Applied Clay Mud Mud High Aluminum Brick with High Aluminum Mud Masonry. When the temperature reaches the temperature required for the test, open the object to be burned into the crucible using a crucible clamp into the chamber. Instrument maintenance personnel to ensure the normal operation of the instrument according to this procedure on the maintenance of the equipment maintenance work.

In order to ensure safe operation, box-type resistance furnace and the controller must be reliable grounding. And then set the set knob at 600 hours of work 4 hours oven drying end. Application of scale chemical analysis Physical measurement of cermet sintering and melting of small steel parts such as heating roasting drying heat treatment. A is a typical bit-type heating control circuit, heating contactor km is connected. Depending on the bit temperature, the relay contact k within the meter is turned on. When the thermocouple or temperature control instrument after the need to change the need to change the thermocouple should be consistent with the temperature control instrument temperature will otherwise cause the furnace temperature and temperature control instrument shows the temperature caused by serious damage to the furnace will be destroyed. Resistance furnace manufacturers

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