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The advantages of the resistance furnace are widely used

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The advantages of the resistance furnace are widely used

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Box-type resistance furnace Product Features: patented door technology completely suitable for the country "gb / z18-2002" heat treatment of energy-saving technology ... ... the principle of achieving energy-saving emission reduction purposes. Therefore, "the robot began to move the workpiece," the premise of this transaction is pl and p must have Token. Its benefits are the resistance coefficient, the resistance temperature coefficient is small, the volume density is small, the use of high temperature, good heat resistance, power unchanged, good heat resistance, oxidation resistance, resistance to sulfur corrosion, cheap, widely used. Uf capacitor connected to power supply decoupling, select. P 3 master control design The main control module consists of amea single chip and crystal oscillator, reset power, isp and jtag expansion of electricity. Connect the thermocouple short, turn the temperature indicator to the lower end of the face, and adjust the zero reference point. 1 door frame cast iron cast cast without crack frame filled with light or ultra-lightweight with good insulation of the refractory material.

Resistance furnace manufacturers

The temperature resistance transition characteristic of the resistance type of the resistance furnace is analyzed, and the choice of the trigger mode of the replacement power is classified and analyzed, and the triggering control system suitable for the different type load is given. 8 two kinds of placement system requires the center of gravity is not partial, there are removable fixed assembly support. , Heat handle furnace Jize Sheng, Zhang Xuelong, Wu Yunqi edited, Harbin Engineering University book club. The system uses solid state relay as the primary temperature control system, it has a high life, high reliability, high degree of active, moderate control power and so on. (Requires a high system plus AC voltage regulator., Converter giant size gear. And through the intelligent control and pid control associated with, in order to achieve the temperature of the intelligent control .93 device locations changes need to be re-verified. Nearly% of the nominal power of the operating rate increased by%, the energy-saving components of the re-distribution can be significantly lower.

Loop power distribution of the focus of the components, along with the power electronics and digital thyristor gate and negative asked to enter a positive trigger voltage, crystal technology growth, the current use of integrated thyristor power control gate conduction, Between the anode a and the cathode k plus a positive voltage, with a device to achieve a reasonable distribution of the load resistance of the furnace.

Work, basic composition, technical indicators and other content of the basic focus of the power regulator of the thyristor non-contact switch features, so that the device from the thyristor rectification of the two major triggering system of the wrong error and error, and block or The blocking condition is switched on or on, and the difference between the load condition of the resistance furnace and the change of the conduction duration and the voltage waveform on the load are adjusted. After a few milliseconds, the machine enters the working condition. Therefore, the single-chip temperature control problem is an industrial production often encountered in the control of the problem. Set the value of the control system is the case of the measured temperature is lower than the set temperature, then open the control switch heating, and vice versa turn off the control switch. 7533 dam safety monitoring project supervision details of the implementation of the wrong do not bookmark. Thyristor regulator control power must be limited, mainly affected by two aspects. One is the limit of the thyristor's own work, can not be unlimited to increase; is too much work electric lu, thyristor due to fever and temperature rise, from the {| ; Cooling or air-cooled is not content to meet the requirements. The need to adopt mandatory water Ling, which adds to the complexity of the device. Applications have also been limited. The ventilation holes behind the machine should be kept clean for ventilation. Resistance furnace manufacturers

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