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Manneng Electric  Equipment Co., Ltd

(used to called Suzhou Jiuwei Electric Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd)

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Suzhou Jiuwei Electric Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd.,

Manneng Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd (used to be called Suzhou Jiuwei Electric Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd.,) located in the scenic paradise, Yumizhixiang - Suzhou Wang Ting, close to the Suzhou high-speed, Su Shao high-speed Tongan exit, and the Central Link to the railway station, high-speed rail station convenient;

Since 2002  we have contacted and learned the heat treatment industry, nearly 15 years of experience in the installation and commissioning of the furnace, therefore, the industry's product heat treatment process requirements are more proficient, because of this, to design more in line with the actual needs of customers Of the furnace; most customers have been using electric furnace, the current market is not yet understand the innovative furnace, the concept has been stuck in the workshop using the old stove, there are new business companies, may be their own products, heat treatment Technology is not very familiar with, we by virtue of professional innovation and years of accumulated experience, and customers can explore, to provide a successful case experience to do the reference; currently on the market, including electrical control system, have been fully innovative , We designed the main goal is to save energy and energy-saving, and there have been many successful cases, we will continue to innovate and upgrade; partners have established a friend relationship, any new customers can be friends to understand my company's electric furnace Actual operation;

The company's products are: vacuum bright annealing, tempering, aging, normalizing, bearing steel ball annealing, quenching, stainless steel solid solution, carburizing, nitriding, carbonation, to meet a variety of heat treatment process needs; RG Rear, RG bell-type, SR horizontal, RT rail trolley, RL continuous, RGD multi-tube, RCW muffle belt, RGZ roller (roller) and so on more than 10 series;

Through cooperation with foreign trade companies, the products are exported to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Africa and other countries.

The purpose of the development of the company as "three loyalty principle": loyal to quality, loyal to customers, loyal to personality! We welcome and look forward to welcome friends from various circles to consult, study, build a development platform!